Premier Beach

Nearest Airport: Velana Internation Airport

Atoll: Male’ Atoll

Transfer Options: Speed Boat

Type: All Inclusive

Budget Range: $500-$1000


Situated in Gulhi, Maldives, Premier Beach is more than a typical beachfront escape—it’s an oasis for both adventure and relaxation. Offering a captivating beachfront and a verdant garden, the property creates a haven of tranquility. The on-site restaurant caters to diverse tastes, promising delightful dining experiences.
For those seeking excitement, Premier Beach provides opportunities for snorkeling amidst vibrant marine life and engaging in fishing excursions in crystal-clear waters. Its strategic location grants easy access to nearby attractions such as Coconut Grove and Dhanaal Park.
Accommodations boast modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable retreat after a day of exploration. The property places a premium on safety with CCTV and a safety deposit box. Unwind in the designated picnic area as the sun sets, crafting enduring memories.
Premier Beach transcends the ordinary; it’s an immersive experience beckoning guests to embrace the allure of the Maldives, engage in thrilling activities, and savor unforgettable moments.

Activities & Facilities