The White Harp Beach Hotel

Nearest Airport: Velana Internation Airport

Atoll: Male’ Atoll

Transfer Options: Speed Boat

Type: All Inclusive

Budget Range: $500-$1000


Hulhumale’s vibrant shores beckon at White Harp Beach Hotel, a 4-star haven offering direct ocean access. Immerse yourself in vibrant coral reefs through expertly arranged dives or serene snorkeling excursions. Unwind in air-conditioned comfort and savor a symphony of local and international flavors at the on-site restaurant. Explore the island by bike, bask in sunset hues on the terrace, and embrace the spirit of community at seasonal barbecues. White Harp: your gateway to Maldivian adventures, offering convenient access, potential value, and a haven for unforgettable memories.

Activities & Facilities