The Maldives traditional boat-making craft. One of the greatest examples of Maldivian craftsmanship, dhonis originally resemble Arabian dhows and were traditionally made with timber from coconut palms. These versatile vessels were measured and built without documented plans which reflect the skill of the local craftsmen. They are available from as small as 3 meter versions for short ride and as long as 30 meters long for lengthier journeys. The Maldivian boat, “dhoani”, is a product of cultural heritage, skillfully crafted to sustain a lifestyle deeply connected with the sea.

Today, even the Maldivian hospitality is based on their roots to deliver an experience that no other could have. The history of Maldives roots itself in the culture and tradition of the place which made it a tourist destination way back. As far as people coming into the nation were concerned, the Maldivians have been known for warm and welcoming historically. This lasting tradition of hospitality has played an imperative role in the development of Maldives as a leading tourist’s destination. These factors of friendly people, beautiful surroundings and a diverse culture continue to draw tourists back to this wonderful place ensuring the Maldives are a destination that has a lot to offer for many years to come.